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The purpose of Brisbane Powerhouse Box Office upgrade was to increase the ticketing functionality of this much loved contemporary multi-arts venue. Works were staged to accommodate the venue’s programming.

The first part of the works included the extension of the patron side’s queuing and circulation space into an existing void. The design of the queuing space required careful consideration as the brief was to ensure it was unnoticeable. The new structure was required to fit around the substantial steel bones of the original building, and the detailing was consistent with that of the original conversion.

The second part of the works saw the refurbishment of the box office itself. The brief was to further add to the efficiency of queuing and, in addition to this, the equity of queuing with the provision of a universally accessible sales point. It was also important to increase the acoustic and visual separation from the adjacent Turbine Hall. The new counter is curved, allowing for more orderly queuing on the patron side, and an additional service point. A series of solid core bi-fold doors at the counter front allow the office to partially or fully enclose. Through the use of simple painted datums, the doors compliment the curved ‘solid surface’ counter behind them. Acoustic panelling blankets the internal walls, doubling as a poster billboard for promotion of upcoming shows.

“I found Mat and Julie very easy to work with on our project, and very accommodating to our needs in regards to stakeholder engagement.”

Precinct Director, Brisbane PowerHouse

Brisbane PowerHouse and BCC
New Farm, Brisbane
Hutchinson Builders
Bligh Tanner (Structural Engineers)
Certis (Building Certifiers)
Peter Roy & Associates
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