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The Stafford House is an alteration, addition & ‘build under’ project designed for a young family.  The original 15-year-old replica ‘Queenslander’ on the site was orientated to face West and was lacking a sense of connection to its backyard.  The new extension seeks to improve occupant comfort by re-orientating the living areas to face North, and creates a courtyard to improve the relationship between internal & external spaces.  For the areas still exposed to the West, sliding panels and operable fins have been incorporated to moderate the harsh afternoon sun when required.  For more project information, see Brisbane News Article

“Thank you so much, I love my house, it is amazing! I’m so glad we went with you as you are very talented!

Owner / Client

Stafford, Brisbane
Petro Builders
Lynskey Structural Consultants (Structural Engineer)
Mackie Consultants Pty Ltd (Building Certifier)
AJS Surveys (Surveyor)
Scott Burrows Photographer