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The Casuarina House is situated on a wedge shaped block in a new subdivision on the NSW North Coast. The large double height outdoor room which occupies the centre of the site, was made possible by separating the sleeping and living areas into 2 separate wings which follow the angle of the site boundaries. This strategy was developed as a way to achieve privacy from neighbours, orientate the main living area to the North and accommodate two families wishing to cohabit the house simultaneously. The shared roofline and the ‘entry bridge’ help to protect the outdoor room from the South and West, so that it can be used as a gathering space during Southerly storms and on hot summer afternoons. A vegetated swale creates a visual feature as it runs through the centre of the site, while also meeting the strict local authority requirements for stormwater.

“Working with LADA on this unique project was a seamless experience. The team’s brief was to come up with a relaxed, open plan beach house with natural ventilation and they did a fantastic job!  This was our third successful experience using LADA and we have since re-engaged them on another project”  

Director, Peel Developments

Peel Developments
Casuarina, Northern NSW
Peel Developments
Short Engineers (Structural)
Coastline Building Certification Group
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